hiking in the UAE

Late October through April is hiking season in the UAE. The Hajar Mountains are a unique geological area comprised of the earth’s mantel and oceanic crust (Ophiolites) running for a little over 500 km. It is not unusual to find marine fossils and interesting geological formations in the mountains. Remnants of early settlers, abandoned houses, terraced fields outlined by dry walls and sometimes, even petroglyphs can be found among the local flora. Often goats, or an occasional donkey will be found peering down on you.


Trail in the UAE are more rustic than those found in most countries. They are not marked, rather remnants of herders or nomad’s paths. Water is scarce and there is little back-up from rescue teams. If inclement weather strikes, the wadis (dry river beds) can be very dangerous. The terrain varies from trails with loose rocks (scree) to bouldering, steep climbs with sharp rocks and ledges.

We trek in four distinct areas – Liwa Desert, Showka, Hatta and Ras Al Khaimah (Jebal Jais). Each area has it’s own beauty and offers insight into the past. Make a weekend out of one of our hikes. Stay in a local hotel, participate in an afternoon hike and either enjoy a leisurely brunch the next morning or joining us on a morning hike!




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Jebal Jais (RAK)