Level 3 Hikes

Suitable for physically fit and experienced trekkers. Expect steeper trails, longer distances, and several scree and/or boulder fields. You will use your hands and there will heavy exposure in places. Evacuation is not an easy task. Perfect for training and increase your comfort level on summits.

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Wadi Shah Full Loop

A challenging day hike that includes bouldering, scree, ledges and steep accents.

Trail Type: Loop trail

Distance: 18 km

Time: 6 hours

Terrain: Scrambling, steep ascends, exposed ledges, scree

Suitable For: Experienced trekkers

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Hidden Oasis

Coming soon.

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Wadi Sena

Coming soon.


Jebal Qatar

This trek mimics the nontechnical climb you will experience on the Barranco Wall on the Machame route of Kilimanjaro and give you training on scree laden summits you can expect to find on many high altitude treks.

Trail Type: Loop Trail

Distance: 12 km

Time: 5 hours

Terrain: Steep climbing, scree, boulders

Suitable For: Experienced hiker, people who exercise regularly (3X a week or more)


Wadi Mibam Canyoning

An epic canyoning adventure through Wadi Tiwi!

Trail Type: One-way

Time: 6 hours

Terrain: Canyons, boulders, water

Suitable For: Strong swimmers, fit individuals


Mount Bisoke

A very rapid incline through a dense jungle to the top of a crater volcano.


Mountaineering Course

Prepare for mountains like Elbrus or Ararat with us on a summer or winter mountaineering course in Kazakhstan.

Trail Type: Out and Back

Time: 4 days

Terrain: Snow, cliffs, ice

Suitable For: Those wanting to learn mountaineering skills

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Poon Hill

Great beginner multi-day high altitude trek in Nepal.

Trail Type: Loop Trail

Time: 3 days

Terrain: Well defined paths, stairs, suspension bridges

Suitable For: Fit beginners