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Amy has been hiking in the UAE and Oman for 15 years, finding remote and magical places that most people are not aware even exist! In the years since Kilimanjaro first ignited the passion for high altitude climbing, she has led over 6 teams to the summit of Kilimanjaro, to Elbrus 4 times, and many other mountains in Nepal, Russia, India, Kazhastan, Georgia and Turkey. She is also trained in Wilderness Advanced First Aid, and as a former lifeguard repeated this training multiple times.


Kelly Harris


Kelly has been hiking through the mountains of the UAE and Oman with the UAE Trekkers since 2015. She has summited Kilimanjaro, led trips through Ethiopia, Rwanda,and Uganda and explored numerous trails worldwide. In addition to being Wilderness First Aid certified, she is a certified Rescue Diver and an avid kayaker.


Mohammed Al mahrouky


Mohammed has lived in the UAE for more than 25 years. He has explored, navigated, hiked and camped in every area of the UAE and Oman. He is also a certified Rescue Diver, having explored the seas around these countries in addition to those in Egypt, his home country.