Resources and tips

training for trekking

Training for Hiking

Don’t underestimate how strenuous hiking can be and the toll it can take on your body. Proper training will reduce your risk of injury and allow you to have more fun!

Breaking in Boots

Breaking in Boots

Small problems become big ones in a hurry. Take the time to break your boots in.

Hiking in Heat

Hot Weather Trekking

Learn how to have a good time and stay healthy in hot weather.


Hydration Basics

Dehydration, over-hydration, rehydration, electrolytes, how much to drink… it’s all covered here.

Hiking while menstrating

Hiking on your Period

With a little preparation and knowledge, you won’t have to think twice about heading onto the trail at any time of the month.

Blister Prevention

Blister Care

Blisters are one of the most common injuries to hikers. Fortunately there are ways dealing with blisters.


Hiking in Rain

Hiking in Rain

Awareness of your gear and clothing choices, as well as trail hazards, can make a dreary hike enjoyable.

Cold Weather Trekking

Cold Weather Trekking

Cold temperatures can make any hike uncomfortable, or worse, cause a serious injury or illness if your not prepared. Familiarize yourself with some tips and knowledge for cold-weather hiking.

Altitude Sickness

Acute Mountain Sickness

 Anyone who is hiking or trekking at several thousand feet/meters above sea level can experience altitude sickness. There are three variations of AMS, the last two of which can turn fatal.


Hiking with Kids

Hiking with Kids

While UAE Trekkers doesn’t currently offer any treks for children younger than 7 years, we do encourage people to find local destinations that are shorter, more accessible, and interesting for future trekkers.


Water Bladder maintenance

Water Bladder Maintenance

Cleaning you bladder regularly will keep bacteria and mold out.