The Floating Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Socotra, YemEn


It all started in 2012…

with our first trip in to this amazing, undeveloped, forgotten island 250 miles off of Yeman. It is one of the most isolated landforms on earth, described by many as “the most alien-looking place on earth”.

UAE Trekkers is proud to offer the only travel tour package successfully visiting Socotra at this time. Our visitors will be transported across the island from destination to destination in SUVs led by a Socotris and experienced UAE Trekker guide.

Hike, snorkel, and be boated around beautiful beaches for a comprehensive tour of the island. Engage respectfully with the local inhabitants and behold their ancient way of life. Come explore this magical island and lose yourself in bizarre landscapes that stun the imagination. The unique flora and fauna are unlike any other; the island truly lives up to its Sanskrit name, “the land of bliss." Join us on a trip of a lifetime. The people of Socotra welcome you, we welcome you.

Places we’ll visit:

Hoq Cave Di Gub Cave Qalansiyah Beach Dihamri Marine Reserve Homhil Plateau Momi Plateau Diksam Plateau Hagher Mountain Wadi Dirhir Noget Dunes Shaub Lagoon


All-inclusive package: Visa fees and processing Flight bookings Transportation All meals Local and Western Guides Activities Park fees Luxury camping site Toilet Inflatable bed size mattreses Catered food

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